iPad apps for K-2: Toontastic


Toontastic is a digital story telling app that students can use to re-tell stories and also to write their own stories.  I was able to see this app in action this week and am really excited about it now.  Susan and I had a group of first graders, who were struggling with their sight words, come to our office this week.  We read them a story and then asked them to re-tell the story.  They were having a difficult time with this at first.  We gave them a piece of paper and had them make a four square to assist them in re-telling the story.  They still were struggling with this but we continued to offer them support.  We then took out the iPads and their interest suddenly grew.  We helped them get started on the app and then 45 minutes later we realized it was almost time for them to go back to class.  The excitement on their faces as they watched the story they created was overwhelming.  I looked at a group of students who could easily re-tell this story and wished that their time wasn’t up and thought… this should be happening all over the district.

I want to be able to address other apps that you all are interested in!


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  1. Speaking from experience, I know I love creating “toontastic” stories. Somehow they always involve pirates walking the plank.

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