Windows Movie Maker: Old Dog, New Tricks

Windows Movie Maker is not new to the scene of educational technology.  In fact, its been tried and tested for several years now. Yet, for the novice movie maker (and lets face it most of us are not expert film editors) it never ceases to amaze.  From elementary age students to tech wary adults, the interface is extremely user friendly.  You can compile video clips, photos, and text seamlessly into a video that will wow.  Throw in some music and special effects and your video is ready to compete with the best that youtube has to offer.

While this tool has many purposes, you might be asking yourself “how does this fit into my classroom?” Ever heard of digital storytelling? It is 21st century concept that gives students the opportunity to retell a story, demonstrate knowledge, or even evaluate their learning process.  Anyone can do it for just about any purpose and the kids absolutely love it.  From the teacher perspective, critical thinking skills are required as students are required to storyboard their concept and find the most effective and engaging way to share the information.  Want to give it a shot in your classroom?  I bet you do and I know your tech coaches are desperately (I sure am!) awaiting the chance to help you out. Let’s create a book trailer or show what our students learned in class! This software is available on your new teacher laptops and will soon be available on the windows tablets and existing desktops.

For a tutorial on how to use Windows Movie Maker check out this video:


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  1. Useful post Allison. I’m planning on copying it and sending it out via email to all the teachers- that is if it’s okay with you?

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