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Snagit – If “Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words”, Screencasts Must be Worth a Million!

What makes a screencast such a powerful tool?  This emerging tool has tremendous benefits and potential for both teachers and students.  Not only can it facilitate student learning, it empowers both teachers and students as creators of digital content,  a fundamental skill in the 21st century.   As students transition from consumers of digital content to creators of digital content, they take greater ownership of their learning, increasing participation, and motivation.

Whiteriver Unified School District has made Snagit accessible to teachers.  The capture button is always available on the edge of their screen for quick and easy access.  Once a screencast is produced, it can be saved, edited, and shared through e-mail or the web.  Here is a few ways of how it can be used by teachers and students.

How Might Teachers Use Snagit?

Demonstrations – Teachers can create a video to describe a step by step process or explain a concept such as, creating a digital story, a science concept or finding a solution to a math problem.

Presentations – Teacher can use Snagit to capture content  to create engaging multimedia presentations that can be used in class or uploaded to their online class.

Having computer problems? Teachers can quickly and easily capture an image with the error message to show exactly what is happening on their computer screen and then email it to Technical Support or the IT Department.

How Might Students Use Snagit?

 To Foster Learning – Screencasts can be watched anytime, anywhere and can be paused or watch over and over.  It canhelp students learn how to use their time efficiently and also help them catch up on any missed sessions.

Student Projects – Students can capture online resources for research projects, web pages, and segments of videos.  They can highlight text and take notes within the capture resource.  Snagit can also be used to document the bibliography information and will even remember the URL to where it was taken from.

Showcasing – Students can show their work such as projects, presentations and strategies to problems to their teachers, peers, and to their parents.

For an introductory video on how to use Snagit to capture an image click on:  Introduction to Snagit Video

For more educational benefits and examples of  screencast read the Edublog, Screencasts Turn Students into Digital Teachers by Katy Scott.


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  1. Snagit editor is the best tool to work with these types of images. If you need more you can use the open source GIMP image editor located in your programs folder.

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