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Finding Common Core, I mean AZ CCRS, activities. has released a new tool to help teachers find classroom activities that meet specific Common Core Standards.  The new tool is called Resource Pins.

Resource Pins is  a free service that allows teachers to post and view activities tied to specific Common Core mcStandards.  If you’re familiar with pinterest the layout will be familiar.  It has only been open to the public since the middle of November; however, there are already over 10,000 resources posted!

If you would like to try the service simply go to and click on the “JOIN FREE” button.  Once you have set up your free account, you will be able to access the Resource Pins.

  You will find the “Resource Pins” button on the top menu.  Simply use the search boxes to choose the Subject, Core, Class, and Standard categories.  If you wish to add Resources use the “Add Resource Pin” button on the top right.

Click the picture below to see a sample query for 10th Grade ELA standard RL.9-10-10



Health, Wellness and Culture Family Night

Health, Wellness and Culture Family Night at Canyon Day Junior High School was a successful event, benefiting the community, students, and the school on November 5th. An estimated 600 people from the community attended! It was a fun and educational evening, building awareness on topics like Apache culture and arts, nutrition, gardening, exercise and sports, higher education opportunities, suicide prevention, substance abuse and anti-bullying.

Families visited the booths and collected information, giveaways and tickets for food and prizes. Booths ranged from tabletop displays of community resources and Apache “kool-aid”, to fun and interactive activities such as a jeopardy game, hula hoops, lacrosse and beading.
Students were also a part of building community awareness. Two groups of 8th grade students created multi-media projects to present at their very own booth! One group of students re-enacted a bullying scene. They recorded their video footage using tablet devices and Windows Movie Maker to edit their presentation. The second group of students created an animated bullying scene by using the animation software, Go-Animate.

Canyon Day JHS partnered with many organizations to make this event possible, including:
• Indian Health Services
• Johns Hopkins
• First Things First
• Navajo County Drug Coalition
• Johnson O’Malley
• Cellular One
• N’Dee Fitness Center
• Hair Styles
• Reach Out and Read
• Northland Pioneer College
• Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
• CDJH Indian Club and Teachers
This successful event could have not happen without the participation of teachers and staff, who worked together to plan, set up and host the Health, Wellness, and Culture Family Night!


Tech Ready Team Presentation


The Tech Ready Team recently took the show on the road and presented at the MEGA Conference on November 19th.trtmc
The theme of the conference was Spark Innovation. The presentation outlined the WUSD strategies of preparing our students for PARCC by:

  1. First preparing teachers to teach with mobile devices in order to address the AZ College and Career Readiness Standards.
  2. Creating STEM units that integrate Project-based Learning as well as mobile devices K-12.


You can check out the powerpoint presentation on the web here: trtmegaconference