Navajo County Fair for STEM Projects

flickr: Brent Moore cc

Our Navajo County Fair has a lot to offer.  Blue ribbon bunnies.  Tractor races.  Cotton candy.  Ferris wheel.  STEM showcase.

You’ve seen the exhibit halls.  Mom’s canned peaches.  Grandma’s quilt.  Grandpa’s model railroad.  But, what about our STEM projects?  Absolutely!

The Navajo County Fair offers a wonderful opportunity for students to submit their projects.  The exhibit halls have categories for agriculture (STREAM Garden!), crafts, rockets, Legos, most creative use of duct tape (!), and trash to treasure recyclable art.  One exhibit category allows for free choice from schools.  Why not use the county fair as a way to showcase our students’ projects?!

Entries are due by Friday, September 5th, but the entry application is due in the Navajo County Fair Office by Friday, August 29th.  Please contact Susan Rodriguez at if you are interested in entering a STEM project from your class.

Our county fair has all the information available here:

Information regarding the exhibit entries starts on page 24.
So, when your students start to talk about the Tilt-a-Whirl, you can ask them to build one out of straws.  When they talk about the midway games, you can ask them about the probability of winning or recreating their own midway games.  Let’s use the county fair to showcase their STEM talent.

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