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“Journey North” But Not Before You Head South First

Two third grade teachers in the Whiteriver Unified School District completed a project called Journey North a few weeks ago.  Lisa Marchetti and Jen Eagle inspired thier students to study the migratory patterns of the monarch butterfly.  They participated in Journey North, a program that has citizen scientists track butterfly migration to and from Mexico in the fall and spring as they explore the monach butterfly’s life cycle, ecology, habitat, and conservation needs.

Each student in the class made a life size butterfly and they also made a class butterfly that showed a little of the culture and life of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.  They sent these butterflies along with a letter to Mexico.  They are able to track its migration to Mexico on either the computer or the iPad.

IMG_0010                 IMG_0018

When the butterflies travel back in the spring, our class’ butterflies will go to other classes around North America.  We will also get butterflies from other classes in North America.

For more information on Journey North visit this website