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How to Moodle… Just Ask Us

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a manual to refer to this is the Moodle resource for you.  howtomoodle

How To Moodle is a company that provides training for schools and teachers using Moodle as their classroom website.  They have decided to make available for free their Moodlemanualmanual on using the latest version of Moodle.  If you’re the type of person who likes to have a manual to refer to this is the Moodle resource for you.  The manual is useful with all versions of Moodle, but WUSD will  hopefully have the latest version of Moodle up and running soon at your school.

To download the manual click here, you can also find it on the WUSD Tech Resources page under the LMS section.  It’s in pdf format so you can refer to it as an eBook in electronic format.  Before you click the link and push print, be forewarned that the manual is 162 pages.  Below is a screenshot from the manual on the Moodle Quiz Activity:



Moodle Roundup: A New Version is Coming to WUSD!

Moodle RoundupThe Learn Moodle MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) for teachers has officially started this week, and I’ve been learning lots about the new version of Moodle (2.5) that will be installed in the near future at WUSD.

There are over 7500 teachers from around the globe taking the class right now, including some from such exotic places as Whiteriver, Canyon Day, and Alchesay.  You can still register for the class and participate even though it has officially started.  The forums in the class are a great place to ask questions and get answers quickly (I’ve been taking full advantage.)

  •  I’ve uploaded about 30 new videos and a couple of “books” of information for new teachers from the Learn Moodle Course.  You can access these materials through the Tech Resource Page and at the direct link here.  (Scroll down to find all of the videos).
  •  Did I mention we will be upgrading our Online Classrooms (Moodle) in the near future?  Here are some of the new features you might like about the new version:
    • You can drag and drop files onto your page to simplify the uploading process.
    • It’s a simpler and cleaner interface for beginners with not as much scrolling involved.
    • More types and options for assignments.
    • It works well with the ipad and other tablets.  The page resizes based on the size of the screen you’re using.
    • It includes “badges” with which you can reward students when they’ve accomplished or completed a task.
  • The STEM units the Tech Ready Team is working on are being created in the new version of Moodle. The image below is a screen shot of the 3rd grade Cycles of Life Unit.

    3rd Grade STEM Unit displayed on an iPad.

    3rd Grade STEM Unit displayed on an iPad.

Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction

Following-up on Catalina’s post about the many uses of your LMS-


Registration opens today for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aimed at teaching teachers how to use the Moodle LMS.

Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction is a the first official class offered by Moodle. The course lasts four weeks from September 1st to October- and is expected to take 2 hours of work per week.
If you would like to learn more about how to teach with your online classroom website this is an excellent opportunity. You will receive official documentation when you complete the course.


I have already registered for the course and will be taking it. If you have questions about assignments or feel uncomfortable taking an online course I will be available to help.

PS- Already this morning there were hundreds of teachers who have registered from all around the world.

Here’s a snapshot of the learning goals:

I hope to see you in the course!