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Getting Set up With Your Online Textbook – Glencoe and McGraw-Hill

The White Mountain Tribal Fair and Rodeo has arrived, your classroom roster is set, and September is here.  If you have a Glencoe or McGraw-Hill textbook it’s also time to get your online resources set up through the ConnectEd website.Connected
Not sure if you have online textbook resources for your classroom?
WUSD #20 has online textbook resources for Reading and Literature from 2nd to 8th grade.  Social Studies textbooks for 7th and 8th grade have also been added this year.

If you’re new to ConnectED, there is a great resource  entitled, “Intervention Tools: Treasures Connected” that has all the information you need to take you through the steps of setting up your class, adding students, and assigning work.  This resource is set up as a class in Moodle, so you will have to enroll with your username and password.
However, you do not need to do the assignments- simply watch the videos and follow the 5 steps to setting up your class.

If you want to take the course for 301 credit, email me, and I’ll open up the course  if there’s enough interest.

If you’ve used ConnectEd before you will only need to go set up your class.  If you’ve switched grade levels you will need the mastercodes for your new textbook resources.  To get the secret mastercodes click here.  Yes, you will have to use your username and password to login.  They wouldn’t be very secret if you didn’t.